Hi there, my name is Ninte Dangana.

I am a t-shaped consultant - focusing on product management, business strategy and technology advisory. With a background in software engineering, I help businesses make data-driven decisions.

I am currently an MBA student at Quantic School of Business and Technology, where I learn on a daily basis the qualitative and quantitative elements essential to running successful enterprises in our fast-moving digital era.

I have been fortunate to learn the science of entrepreneurship and technical creativity. Having found my WHAT shortly before coming to the Nigerian University of Technology & Management (Class of 2022), I believe that in due time I will learn to maximise my potential. I have directed my career toward technology and business consulting with the related Postgraduate Certificate in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design.

As an Entrepreneur-in-Training at MEST Africa (Class of 2020), I studied and implemented the principles for building scalable businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Throughout the program, I researched, prototyped, and developed solutions for a wide range of industries. My professional experiences, in this regard, culminated in a Software Entrepreneurship certificate.

After gaining experience tutoring individuals in Software Engineering as a pioneer Developer Student Clubs Lead in Africa (2018/19), I am currently a Mentor and Alumnus of the program. This initiative was my introduction to Cloud Development and its related technologies.

I believe business and technology will be the core tools of the next industrial revolution in Africa. In 30 years, I aim to run the foremost think-tank addressing structural and systemic issues on the continent.

I live by a simple philosophy:

... From one thing, know ten thousand things. When you attain the Way of Strategy there will not be one thing you cannot see.

A quick way to contact me is by sending an email to "ninte.dev[at]gmail.com"