I help client firms unlock latent profits and better serve their customers (direct and otherwise).

With internal teams, I enable business processes to become digital and scalable, offering value at every feasible junction.

Strategy Consulting (nullnow.com)



Oct 2021 - Present

  • Codeln is an end-to-end Technical Recruitment platform that makes recruiting Software Developers a fast and easy process for companies.


  • Performing market research to understand industry landscape and business elements necessary for international expansion.

  • Compiling an exhaustive marketing research document on the structural details of employment and job creation on the African continent.



Nov 2021

  • Ubenwa analyses a baby’s cry to detect early signs of anomalies which could be fatal such as asphyxia or brain-injury.


  • Aligned target market research and performed risk analysis to support essential business documentation.

Software Projects

Tiamo Catering


  • Tiamo Catering is an indoor and outdoor catering service that has been in operation for 2+ years. The firm caters to all sizes of guests based on the type of event and budget including weddings, conferences, birthdays, etc.

Naingate Insurance Brokers


  • This was created for a registered Insurance Broker with the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) providing risk management and insurance solutions for Corporate Organizations, Enterprises, Government and Individuals.


iOS application | Android application

  • This is a tool for saving funds. It can help save without a timeline; for targeted reasons; and in a locked format where you can withdraw your funds after the time you set. A product by Digital Space Capital; functional in the Nigerian market.



  • I served as the Technical Cofounder for this financial literacy and business management platform. We offered business courses in an African local dialect, and provided micro/small business owners with basic book-keeping and transaction recording insights.

Cedar MFB Platform


  • This is a web-based platform for a Credit Facility, with the primary offering being a loan application portal. It is engineered to present a reactive interface to varying stakeholders, based off appropriate levels of access. This is an improvement on otherwise costly and time-demanding offline processes.



  • The goal of TEDxEastLegon is to be a catalyst for change - bringing thinkers and doers in the East Legon (Accra, Ghana) community and beyond, together to have meaningful conversations that lead to positive change. I served on the organising team in the role of a Website Manager.

Raising Girls Ambition (RAGA)


  • Raising Girls Ambition (RAGA) is a project that has taken a central role in the fight for girls’ human right to education, life, and equality, meaningful physical, mental, emotional and socially developed life.